Mr. Amit Modi

Chandigarh Distillers & Bottlers Ltd. was established in the year 1989. Initially the Company was into the bottling of Indian made foreign liquor for the state of Punjab. Over a period of time the company has successfully ventured into various grades of Spirits i.e. Extra Neutral Alcohol,Rectified Spirit and Industrial Alcohol. At present, CDBL is amongst the largest distilleries in India. The Company has a tie-up with the largest liquor company for bottling their products for Northern India. Also the Company is one of the largest producers of Country Liquor in the state of Punjab.

The company is headed by its CMD, Mr. Amit Modi, who is ably supported by a team of young & dedicated professionals. The company has ambitious plans for strengthening the existing business line and for diversifications as well. The company has its works at Banur Distt. Patiala, Punjab, which is approximately 30 Kms. from Chandigarh and the corporate office, is in Chandigarh, the city beautiful.


The distillery was commissioned in September 1991 with a small plant of Rectified Spirit Production. The distillation capacity has been expanded many times thereby increasing the alcohol production and simultaneously improving the quality of our ENA/RS. Various utilities were also built up to commensurate with production requirements, which have resulted in CDBL becoming one of the largest single unit of, potable alcohol distillery in India.

Environmental/Social Responsibility:

CDBL is very conscious about its responsibilities on environmental /social front. Biogas generation from wastewater and ferti-irrigation of agricultural land are some of the top priorities.

Power Generation :

The captive turbine also guarantees self-sufficiency in power production.
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